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I receive 2 to 3 calls a day from this number (for the last 9 months) I have continued to ask them not to call me again and to remove my business line from their contact list. They claim they are Microtech Support and that hackers are attempting to access my computer. They stated they are in Arcadia CA I am as far east away from them as you can get. The callers have stated their name is Mark Robert etc. All of them speak with a thick foreign accent that I have a very hard time understanding and when I ask them to explain the reason for their call or ask for a Supervisor the Supervisor is rude and short and acts like I am inconveniencing them. If you have a way to prevent this from happening again please take the necessary to make it happen.; They continually call me with Deep Accent from different phone numbers claiming to represent my computer’s Microsoft O/S. About three years ago I was having a problem with my computer contacted Microsoft’s Help number and got these people. They somehow diverted my call from Microsoft number. They remotely took control of my computer for hours to fix my problem. I think they gained access to all of my information and even made purchases using my PayPal account and other credit cards. They identified themselves as 24/7 and were supposed to have used Norton Antivirus to clean my computer. I paid them about $475.Ok for their fix which was supposed to cover my computer for a year. This is when these calls started after that year. They have even called and my own name and phone number come up on my caller I’D. I would like to have them caught and I would love to press charges because i recently prior to today’s call had to have my computer fixed. I have McAfee on it and it is updated on regular basis. I rarely use the computer I use the tablet instead. But on the occasion that I needed to use it I could not get it to Microsoft O/S.; Repeated calls. No response when you answer & then they hang up. total waste of time.; 3calls in the last 2 days—-didn’t answer—-Walnut Creek CA 1-925-953-2879; Scam call about Microsoft security; Keeps calling but doesn’t leave any messages.; Don’t answer unknown phone nu; They have called my cell phone twice daily for the past two weeks. Since I don’t know anyone in the East area of San Francisco I don’t answer.

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    Foreigner wants remote access to your computer–so he can steal whatever—tell him you have no computer and he still calls–claims to be from Microsoft–been calling me for yrs with different numbers–all spoofed no doubt. no one to report them to–DNC is worthless–so is the FCC


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