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The number belongs to Degree Adviser.; Hello this is Scott with College Locate – Number Blocked…; They call me daily have no idea how they even got my number! Any way to get off their list?; This is the second call I have gotten from this group of numbers. They ask what year I graduated high school and what I would like to study. As soon as I tell them I’m not interested in what they are selling and that I am a graduate student they just hang up. They never say who they are.; I received at least four calls from this number among other 859 area code numbers all asking the same thing: was I interested in talking classes to become a more desireable job candidate. The calls were automated and anytime I asked to be taken off of their list they hung up on me. Basically companies prey upon job-seekers. They set up fake job sites and steal your number off of your resume. It’s sick.; I woke up to a missed call at 9:30 from this number. I tried calling it backseveral timea and it was just blabk. There was no sound at all and no one answered.

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