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This is a scam that preys on the long term (>1 year) unemployed. They get phone #s from government databases such as azjobconnection and other state agencies providing legitimate support to the unemployed. It has spread to many states. I am alerting the proper authorities in my state. Please do the same.; This is a scam that preys on the long-term (>1 year) unemployed. I was contacted 7-21-14. They obtain phone numbers from government databases such as azjobconnection.gov (Arizona job connection). There is nothing indicating the source of the text message other than the phone # 857-399-0705.; I was called by this number as well today for job interview and I was given the same email address as Ms. Kathey Armstrong. Should of known better but was desperate haven’t had work for over a year…was really hoping I caught a break :(!!!! they say they are for a company called Welspun Energy Pvt. Ltd. Look up company is in India but they said they where hiring in U.S. supposed to chat them up on Monday the Aug 4th 2014; I received a text from this number that listed my FULL NAMEthen they said I applied for a position with a company for veterans. That’s odd for a recruiter to text an applicant without a proper introduction nor a legitimate position job description. I believe this is a SCAM!!!; This is a Nationwide SCAM. I called Schumacher Group at their Corporate Headquarters in Lafayette LA. Their is no employee by the name of Latoya Williams. They are fully aware of the SCAM and receive calls daily from people who have been contacted by these frauds. FBI is involved and is actively pursuing this. Somehow they have tapped into unemployment offices and Work Force Commission offices in multiple states. I am forwarding all of my documentation to their office in Louisiana. I suggest everyone else do the same in order to help stop these con-artists.; I was contacted via text on yesterday June 23 2014; Mr. Ballmer Williams. I chatted with Gonzalez Campbell hiring manager on yesterday too. I am supposed to receive my check via FedEx tomorrow June 25 and should call him to get tracking number to check status of check.; Definitely tied to Work Force offices in Texas. Received 2 calls both after visiting a Work Force office. Problem is – Schumacher Group is a legitimate business that is actually expanding to the Fort Worth area. The HR person who contacted me was GonzalezCampbell. He actually shows up on Yahoo Messenger under Schumacher Group. He gave me a Supervisor name of Ms. Latoya Williams whose email is [email protected] I’ve been documenting and saving everything; just playing along while I try to contact actual company to find out which end is real and which is smoke.; Got a text also. Hadn’t been out of the work force office 30 min. Was not anyone I had applied to. Said to do interview by instant message on yahoo. No thanks.; I think they maybe tapped into the Work Force. I was there filling out my application. As soon as I walked out the door. I got the same exact text. It said hello good afternoon Im Mr Ballmer williams. They told me I have been selected for an online interview. He wanted me to upload [email protected] They kept saying for my interview and briefings. They said it was a company called Schumacher Group. I kept saying to call and why do they not have a phone. They said they did not use CELL Phones at the company. Told them to loose my number. I thought I might find something on here about this. JERKS; I received a text from a Mr. Ballmer Williams today stating that he was interested in my resume that was posted on workintexas.com and wanted an online interview. He asked me to reply if I were interested. I replied and stated that I am an attorney which is true and that I do not respond kindly to scams of any kind. I asked him to never text my number again and that I will be reporting him the workintexas.com and the proper authorities.

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