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calls me nearly every afternoon on a work phone I’ve only have a few months.

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  1. Anonymous

    This man claims to be named “Michael Washington.” He called my 86-year-old mother and told her she had won Publisher’s Clearinghouse. My mother unfortunately gave him her bank account info and SS #. Her excuse for making such an error was that he called when she had been sleeping and she was confused. She told me as soon as she woke up a bit, she realized she made a big mistake and called me. I went to her house, called her bank and had the account closed, called all credit bureaus and put freezes on her credit, and called her local police.

    The information Mom gave him must not have been correct, or he may have missed something, I don’t know what the deal was, but he kept calling her back. At least 12 times in one hour. She didn’t answer. I answered once and he hung up. The numbers he called from vary (see below), but he must’ve gotten desperate and left this number – 702-623-4857 – on her answering machine.

    Anyway, the police arrived and got all the information. One of the officers called this 702 number, and the guy ACTUALLY ANSWERED! Could not believe it; “Michael” really, truly picked up a call from a police officer with a blocked number. This is how stupid “Michael Washington” is. Cop nicely introduced himself and said he knew “Michael Washington” had been calling a woman in his city. “Michael” played dumb. Cop kept him going for quite awhile until “Michael” said he didn’t have time for this and hung up. Police have that number and all the others, and will do what they can. But what can they do?

    Here are the other numbers he called from:

    303-732-3813 (this is a Magic Jack number)


    000-074-7200 (what in the world??)

    • Name: Kathy


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