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Beware! Posing as someone from Microsoft trying to get info about your computer passwords etc; Same as everyone else. Indian guy saying my computer is sending an error message. Wants access. No way.; Yeah same Indian accent demanding I get to my computer saying I had a hacker getting on my computer. When I told him it was turned off. He grew very angry insisting I GI to my computer and call him back . Indian guy named Davy Jones . not hardley.; This man with an Indian accent has called twice insisting that there is a problem with my Microsoft Windows account. He even gave me what he said is the ID number for my computer. He was pleasant to begin with then got nasty when I implied that he is a scammer. Normally scammers just hang up when asked for their phone number but not this guy – he gave his name and number.; Frank with an Indian accent said my computer was sending signals to the IRS. He begged me to get to my computer and see these signals. I told him he’s a scam and local TV station warned people about this. He got irritated that I didn’t follow his directions. I hung up; called the number back to get another Indian speaking guy. Why can’t something be done about this?; Man with Indian accent called randomly said that my computer was at high risk for hackers to get to my computer. I said I didn’t have time and would call later he gave this number and said he was Sid Matthews and to ask for him when I called later. From seeing these other comments looks like a scam for sure.; Some Indian sounding guy tried to tell me to get on my computer to tell me that something was being downloaded . He said they were getting warnings and this was urgent. He also said he was from windows and the optim group… Whatever that is; He wanted me to give him my Windows registration number because he said it has been hacked internationally.; This gentleman called and said he saw a computer hacker on my computer and he said that the certificate from windows was expired. He proceeded to SCREW up my computer completely. Then he told me he could fix it and send a renewal bill for windows. He showed me all sorts of weird hackers and when I called Norton they explained that this was an outside company trying to sell me products; This caller is a scammer who says he works for Microsoft. It is a fake and don’t believe what he says it is a complete scam.

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