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Repeatedly calls says nothing then I hear a busy signal; Spam call. Didn’t recognize the number so didn’t answer. Beware.; Man with an extremely strong Indian accent called on 5/4/2015 at 3:31pm PST. Says he is from a computer company & my computer has sent errors through our router. Something about it having viruses & needed me to open the run window by hitting the window icon & R at same time. Then he tells me to type in some letters. Of course I didn’t hit enter at the end & regret I didn’t write it down. 1st part was event with a couple letters afterwards. I told him repeatedly that I have a very good antivirus software & there is nothing wrong with my computer…he would come up with an excuse every time. At the end I finally told him several times to put me on their do not call list & he refused. The 4th or 5th time I told him to put me on his do not call list or I will be contacting my attorney then I hung up. He kept talking over me everytime I would say something & very rude. Thank goodness my phone has a blocking feature which I quickly blocked this number from calling me again!; Claimed that I had computer issues and wanted me to key in to what he told me over the phone so that he could correct my computer issues. I played along with him Just verbally complying to his requests. He asked a few times of what I saw on my computer screen and I told him that I saw the blue screen of death(just made up of course). No computer issues before or after the phone call.; Wanted to troubleshoot my computer. Claimed he was calling from Austin TX.; Wanted me to troubleshoot issues on my computer (I have no issues). Spam or call to gain access to my identity. When I told him I had no computer he hung up.; Don’t know this person. No answer when I said hello.

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