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Wants bb very nasty dude will never meet; I believe this guy maybe apart of a pimp cartel!if they can’t rob you then they will snitch on you and if they can’t get you in trouble they will start posting a bunch of fake ads to hinder your calls!God don’t like ugly!The right people are watching these clowns!; got nasty text and calls from this david fowler wanting a session for 4 guys! low class jack off artist!; This mans name is David Fowler. He has been stalking me for almost a year. He doesn’t know that i moved. But im scared that if he does find me he will seriously hurt or even kill me. At one point he was calling me between 28-30 times a day. And when i didn’t answer he texted me 30 plus times. I made the mistake of meeting him one time. With in 15 minutes of meeting me he told me he loved me and wanted to get me prego. Needles to say that session was cut short. Please ladies don’t make the same mistake i did!; He texted me bout 4x and when I made it very clear that I was not interested in what he was propositioning he got very mean and just down right aggressive…..most deffwould not trust this man in any shape or form…Hope this is helpful for anyone who needs any info; disgusting. AA client only interested in BB service.

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