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multiple calls from multiple numbers at least daily- sometimes more. Omaha NE is indicated on the caller ID. always says the same thing: my phone number and social matching a claim if they don’t hear from me they will file it with the county or the state. Never leaves a reference number. Usually says good luck at the end. Always say they need to hear from me today or this is the final call…but it never is. They continue to call back. MAKE IT STOP!!!; Said call back in less than 24 hours or they will take my name address and s.s. # on file and file a court date hearing.; they claimed that I owed them for loan collect in 2011 but I knew I didn’t loan any money. They try to scare me to go to jail if I don’t pay but I’m glad that I found out about the number is a scam!!! I changed the new bank account. So they can t get my money!; Say I need to respond with m defense attot attorney or they are going to the county? But don’t give my number to call; calling constantly saying they have a warrant for my arrest; Seattle WA: Caller ID indicates the call is from Omaha NE. Three voicemails in two days saying they’ve got my name and social security number. Apparently if I don’t call TODAY and handle this with their office out of court they’ll be submitting the case to the state documenting that I’ve waived my right to council. When I attempted to return their calls at the two different numbers they provided I was directed to two different people’s private voicemails. How can you scam me if I can’t even call you back?! I hope I catch the next call. I’d LOVE to talk with them! Absolutely absurd.; Call from various numbers saying I must call back today or they will send the case to the state has been calling over and over. UGH; THESE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN CALLING ME FOR OVER 8 MONTHS NOW I HAVE A RECORD I KEEP OF OVER 20 DIFFERENT PHONE NUMBERS THEY CALL FROM IN NEBRASKA. SAY THEY WILL TAKE ME TO COURT FOR A CASE USING MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER GO PICK SOME CORN YOU IDIOTS….; REALLY annoying now. It’s three days in a row these Nebraska numbers have been calling me about going to court and waiving counsel if I don’t call back. Today’s said they would open a case with my name and social. But not once did they address me by name.; Threating to take people to court just flat out rude!

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