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This is a recorded message by a person never gives name but says he is calling about a lawsuit against me from the IRS. I called back and nicely asked him to take me off his call list. He hung up on me. I tried calling back but he had blocked my number. Tried calling from another phone and all I get is a busy signal. Now I am getting the same recorded message from phone number 646-240-4316! Tried to call and am getting only a busy signal. I hope there is no one out there that falls for this little puke’s scam!; 3 already reported to the irs criminal division. It is a felony a fraduantly claim to be irs agent and attempt to use it to defraud other. Report him and he can explain his crimes to a federal agent; I called back just to see and he answered IRS. You could tell it was a cell phone connection. I told him it was a scam and he told me to get lost.; Says he is Alex Smith from the irs and that lawsuit was filed. Said I needed to call right away and if I did not I would have to suffer the consequences. Left same message twice; Alex Smith calling my home phone leaving multiple messages on my machine saying he was calling from the IRS and I needed to call him back immediately about the lawsuit that has been filed against me. I reported him to the FTC and the IRS and the local police in your home town there Jerkey!!; Male by the name Alex Smith called and left message saying IRS has lawsuit against me for me to return the call. I called and spoke with a Max Smith He said I owe and if I didn’t pay I would be arrested by 3o’clock today; There is man claiming to be the IRS and threatening to send me to jail. The IRS doesn’t make phone calls like this. Any time you owe the IRS they send written notices. I don’t appreciate the harassment and threatening of my freedom. not the false allegations.; 6 calls TELLING ME THAT A LAWSUIT WAS BEING FILED AGAINST ME. SCAM FROM IRS; Scam call from IRS

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