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Claim I owe backtaxes and my car would be towed. Man with thick accent I can’t place. SCAM the IRS will communicate with you through the mail.; It’s an automated message claiming to be the fraud department of the IRS; Yes I received a call from them. It was a recorded message (a male with very strong foreign accent) saying he was with the IRS and that I was being investigated for tax fraud and that I needed to call the number back. I called back and all he kept asking me repeatedly was ‘what’s wrong with your voice?’ I told him the sound of my voice was of no concern to him (he continued to attempt to over talk me and ask the same question ‘What’s wrong with your voice?’ I told him I was reporting him and the number and that I knew I was not being investigated as I pay my taxes every year.; Scam call about IRS; Computer generated voice claiming to be IRS….the IRS will send you a letter they don’t call on the phone beware!!!; with IRS; Received two calls from this number? i suspect a scam but no way to know for sure? I will not call back as they say to do?

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